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In the presence of Satan through Liarde is a very charged ritual that only a skilled practitioner that have been practicing Demonic and Satanic Magic can do. Our High Priestess Erin has been a respected Satanic and Demonic Practitioner for years. There is a difference between a Demonic Invocation, a Demonic spell or a Demonic ritual and a SATANIC one. When it is Demonic, you are working with Demons (for example Astaroth, Zephar, Sitri, Asmodeus and so on). However, when it is a SATANIC ritual you are working with his Majesty! Liarde is a Satanic Invocation that has been practiced since the middle ages. People would be burned at the stake for using Liarde Satanic invocation (particularly in Spain). The Liarde Satanic code allows our High Priestess to present the cause of destruction and deminse of a person to his Majesty. It is a ritual that takes place for 45 days as his Majesty desires. The target MUST be a person (not a situation) and it can be a man or a woman. Stronger than the DUME Spell this ritual to his Majesty may be used also to ask for the ultimate demise  or for inifnite problems, losses, loss of relationship or marriage, loss of job and inability to find a new one, loss of health. Very powerful and done once a year!

In Satan's Den: Liarde Destruction of an Enemy By Erin

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