This is a Powerful Come to Me for those stubborn men and women who ...well not move toward your direction. It is a Luciferian request our High Priestess Erin puts forward to Demon Agares for TEN CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS!!! Who is Agares? Agares is a Demonic Spirit of the Goetia sitting in the Luciferian Den. He is in charge of making the runways come back and the sitting ones to move toward a direction. He is technically the Demon of movement. It is rarely summoned and must be summoned by a very experienced practitioner as the summoning requires The Lesser Key of Solomon. This is a very powerful Come To Me not just a Hoodoo Come to Me. It is designed to move people toward your direction and like everything it is an attempt. You can order this one with our Paypal Link if you want the casting to start right away. Although this is not a Hoodoo Product and generally Demonic Products do not yeld a report. our High Priestess Erin is able to get suggestions from Agares or to tell if Agares was pleased by the request. Reports of this kind from Erin are given up to three weeks from the moment of casting. (NO REPORT FOR DISCOUNTED PRODUCT)






Luciferian Come To Me With Demon Agares By Erin

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