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This is a powerful new product that is cast on a coven of three over a 15-night period. Essentially, it is designed to give your target remorse for what they have done to you. The reasons can vary from leaving you, ghosting you, treating you as though you were a rebound, taking you for granted, or losing you. Having lost you doesn't simply mean that you are in no contact or he is no longer in your life. Yes, this spell is designed for those whose target pulled the plug on them and you want them to feel extremely bad for leaving. However, it can also help cases where you and your target are still together, but your target keeps choosing his family over you, his friends over you, his mother over you, work and career over you, the other woman over you. In this spiritual work, your target is supposed to feel regret and remorse for the way they treated you and left you. There will be some targets who come out of the no contact situation and apologize, but every situation is different, so you should repeat these efforts until you see or feel results. You will not receive a report for this spell, but Jen will provide you with a mini-reading video pertaining to your case prior to or during the casting. This spell works best when the target is a male but recently we have also seen improvements when the target was a female. 




Make Him Regret Losing You/ Leaving You/ Treating You The Way He Did!

  • A picture of You

    A Picture of Him

    Full names and dobs 

    A brief description of the situation

    Send everything to Erin soon after ordering. 

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