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This is a nasty curse and is NOT reversible! Once the Jar is buried that is it! It's done! Your target will be absolutely miserable, depressed, wondering why nothing is working in life for him/her, confused about things, mental fogs. Targets often experience headaches, physical pain, numbing sensations, feeling unwell, restlessness, extreme anxiety, and paranoia. Targets also experience a disconnect, feeling unloved or not wanting to communicate with loved ones, fighthing with loved ones, bad luck in general. All of this however not die.

A jar is made on video by Jen. The video is private- meaning no one else can see it other than you and Jen- and is sent to you. The jar is then consacrated in a seven nights mass with a candle associated to it.

The whole ritual takes about three weeks and all the remains (including the jar) are buried.

This is powerful beyond belief! Think about it twice before placing this Nasty Curse on someone as it is very difficult to reverse.

All we need for this one is the FULL NAME of the Target and a picture of the target where the eyes are visible -no sunglasses on- Please make sure to have the full name they were given at birth. 



Nasty Curse! Make The Life of Your Enemy An Agony!

  • The Full Name of The Target (as an the name he/she was given at birth) and a picture of the target where eyes are visible. 

    send at

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