The Custom Mass consists of an energetic three-week casting designed for both men and women. Therefore, the target can be a man, a woman, or a member of the LGBTQ community. We attempt to render them unreachable to other men or women when we cast this. The spell creates exclusivity in the 5th dimension, and it's an order translated into the 3rd dimension. The person of your choice realizes that you are the only one for them. This energetic envelope creates a double-edged situation. One, it gets them to think about you obsessively; two, it gets them to become disdainful of the person they are with. In order to get results, energetic envelopes need to be repeated to build energy around them until you get signs. There is no report for this casting.

Nobody But Me! Make Them Feel You Are The Only One!

  • Pictures of you and your target

    Full names

    Your Date of Birth

    Target's date of birth if you have

    Send all to Erin soon after you have ordered.