This spell is a combination of Satanic Summoning, Demonic Visions and Afrikaana Fire! It is very powerful and sends dominating energy to your target through a Demonic Spirit called Oniah. The power of Oniah is unstoppable and irreversible. Once unleashed, Oniah will try her best to attach to your target and deliver your commands to your target. Oniah does not leave your target. You can give up to THREE SHORT COMMANDS (THEY MUST BE SHORT). Even in two or three years from now, your target will still have Oniah in his or her aura. Oniah might have to be summoned several times for strength and attachment. Oniah is helpful when you feel that obstacles have not been removed or when other castings has not brought full manifestation yet. Oniah sends dominating messages to your target. We will cast the Obey Me Spell for Seven Consecutive Nights. Best if cast in the days leading up to Full Moon. No report or notes are given. Oniah can become your best friend and is extremely helpful with resistant targets. Please watch the video on top of our Products page in order to order correctly with us. 








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