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This is a very special service. A lust spell is cast on the person of your choice and while the lust spell is being cast, our powerful Samantha will access the person's mind to see how he/she feels about you. It is a very good way to understand the direction you should take with that person. The lust spell will take its time to manifest but in the meantime you will have gained an insight as to what the person's intentions are with you. A report is sent to you five or six days after the beginning of the spell




Remote Viewing with Lust Spell by Samantha

  • Your Name 

    Your Target's Name 

    Picture of YOU 

    Picture of your Target 

    Date of Births of Both if known

    We will also request a little history through email


  • Jenny Demonic now has a new system where you can click this link from our site and will take you to a form where you can describe your situation and include two pictures. We will receive it on our end. Please use this form below both for spell orders and for zoom reading orders. Orders made with this form will start 24 to 72 hours after purchasing. You will get notified about the dates of your spells at the email you provide. We do our best to process your order in a timely fashion. Please check your spam folder as well for the status of your spell and/or for notifications. Please note EVERYONE purchasing from us is now required to fill out this form whether you check out here or with Paypal, Cash App etc. If we do not receive this form we will not be able to process your order.

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