This spell requires you to work with me through saying a prayer for nine days while I work on ritual with help of Demonic forces for nine days. The overall ritual takes about 14 days but the bulk of the ritual is done in 9 days. I can't tell you how many times I have done this ritual and it worked every single time. I have done for myself and I have done it for other people and it's one of my favorite rituals EVER!!! This is not something that manifests right away BUT your relationship with the person you try to reconcile with will improve steadily within a month from the ritual and the effects will last for one to two years depending on how long of a ritual we do (9 days or 18 days in which case you have to purchase this twice or purchase it once and then repeat it again the next month during full moon). Now, a funny thing that happens

with this spell is that within a month (or sometimes sooner) you will also meet or find someone else that you will like a lot. You will still end up reconciling with the target of the spell but you will not be so obsessed with the target because you will have another person that interest you. Which I think works perfectly, and this is why this spell is my favorite, because one of the limits of success of spells in general is you being obsessed with the target and this spell takes that obsession away from you and shifts it onto another person so that the target recognizes he may lose you. This spell works best by bringing a man back to a woman. For guys trying to bring a woman back I do not recommend there are other spells we can do on women. I need target's picture and DOB.






Santa Muerte Come Back to me! Powerful Spell

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