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There is more to this than just a spell. This is a nemesis condition placed upon the couple. This seven-night mini-covencast will shake the couple's foundation not only in terms of their love, but also in terms of the promises and deals they have made over the years to each other. This is a very effective method of working on a couple's separation. It creates an irreparable rift between the two. Prepped by Jen and cast by Ariah and Atoh this nemesis spell uses Enochian keys to instill hate and disgust upon a couple. Careful what you wish for. As compared to other breakup spells on our site, this spell operates differently. It is not a breakup per se, but it is an effective method of separating a couple. It may need to be repeated until results are reached but movement should be seen from the first cast. A single round may be sufficient for some couples, but every couple is different. For this one, we need the full names and dates of birth of the individuals. It can be cast anytime of the month but is best during waning moon.


Separation Nemesis by Jen, Athod and Ariah! Trouble for the Couple!

  • Number of days cast: 7

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: picture of the prep by Jen

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