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Shi Shi conjure spells are hoodoo spells that require a very experienced spellcaster to perform. In order to bring your command to the target, several spirits are summoned. You wouldn't want these entities in your home. Our high priestess Ariah will summon them for you to get the love of your target or to make your target obsessed with you. Shi Shi Conjuring has been used for a variety of reasons, including increasing gambling fortune and boosting luck in court cases. It is also possible to use Shi Shi to command your lover to do your bidding or to accept a certain situation. It is a commanding spell through the summoning of spirits. The target can be a male, female, non-binary, or transgender individual. The Shi Shi conjure can be used to get your target to love you, to make your target obsessed with you, or to give the target a specific short command. The commands could be: "See me more often", "Text me" (excellent if you are being ghosted), "Agree with me on this issue", "Adore me more than anyone else", or "return to me". These are just a few examples. It is cast for 14 nights and yields no report but you may request notes from Ariah at the end of casting.

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Shi Shi Hypnotic Love & Obsession Spell By Ariah

  • Your name 

    Your target's name

    Your date of Birth

    Your target's date of birth if you have it.

    A picture of your target 

    A picture of you.


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