This is another powerful Defreezer! It is cast for seven days with one peak day (remember in Telepathy the peak day is the day of maximum charge of a spell). This spell suits both men and women in every combination. Powerful telepathic vibrations are sent to your target and yourself. They will connect both of your fields through a technique called Morphic Field. According to Morphic Field, all human beings are connected or can be connected. These waves of energy will surround your target with desire for you so that whenever your target has you in front of them these waves will activate their desire for you. These waves are sort of a light switch. Because you will have these waves on you it will partially activate desire even in the eyes of others. This is a very VERY sophisticated spell and rarely offered. Can be repeated as many times until results are reached. This spell is a defreezer and yields no report. 

Stimulate Their Desire For You with Telepathy Defreezing Vibrations!

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