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This is a 9 Weeks seven consecutive spells. Watch the video for what it means to cast seven consecutive spells. It is HIGHLY effective in reaching your goal. If your target is stubborn or you are working on breaking a couple the power of seven can get you there. This is a Long term casting very effective. For those of you who are on Diana's long Term product and are waiting for her Mirror Jars, this is a great way to prepare for the Mirror Jars Break UP/Cursing. For those of you who want to burn more DUME on their target for their demise the power of seven is extremely effective. 

You can order the power of 7 on the following:

Inflammatory Fights (Cause relentless problems and fights)

Hot Foot ( Get Him away from her/ Get Her away from him/ Get this person away from me)

Break Apart a Couple (Break a relatioship)

Adam & Eve Roots (Sex, bonding and love with your special one)

Come to Me (to make him come to you/to make her come to you)

Stay with Me (to stop them from leaving you/ to make them want to stay with you)

I am your one and only (Become their priority) 

DUME Spell (NOT CANDLES .... SPELLS)- to cause problems, misery, death of relationship, death of genital organs, death of job, failure in business, ultimate demise)

Here is the link to the video. You can copy and paste it or simply go to my Youtube



The Power Of Seven

  • Your Name 

    Your Target's Name 

    Picture of YOU 

    Picture of your Target 

    Date of Births of Both if known

    Please send this information soon after you order at the email address appearing on your receipt 

    If you are ordering with Our Paypal Link remember to put the name of the spell and all the information above in the note space. 

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