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This is the ultimate Lust enhancer for males toward females. This is an intense Morphic for Lust of a woman. The seeker must be a man and the target can be a woman, a man or a general attract females/males. Typically it is used by men to attract women. This is a reveting, exciting, outrageous Lust Spell to place on a man to attract the woman of his dreams. Did you ever notice how some men get around with very attractive women and you ask yourself "How does he do it?" the Morphic Vibrations are placed on you for that very purpose! Do not miss this! We don't know how long this product will be available! This spell is a Morphic Cast for 7 days and yields no report.

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The Shear Lust Intense Morphic!

  • Your Picture

    Your date of birth 

    Your Target's picture 

    Your target's name (if you are doing a general attraction then you don't need to put any name for the target)

    City of where you and the target lives

    Your date of birth


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