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This old voodoo shi ritual is used to attract and retain the man you desire. Thousands of women have used this voodoo spell to bind the man they loved, preventing him from looking at other women, acting like a flip flop, or displaying indecision. It can be ordered by any woman on any man at any stage of a relationship. Even if the man is with someone else, an order can still be made. It binds the victim to invisible chains. Their energy is shifted towards you as a result. A very effective spell if you are looking for commitment from a man. It is also helpful if you are dealing with third parties. The spell also works well on men with a lot of distractions. In this spell, the man is stabilized. As it is energetic and voodoo in nature, it is recommended to repeat as many times as necessary until desired results are achieved. The spell has been responsible for getting many women married. However, this spell needs to be repeated several times. This spell can only be used on males. It is cast by Ariah for seven nights and yields notes.

Trap Your Man to You Voodoo Shi By Ariah

  • Number of days cast: 7

    Target: males

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: pictures and notes by Jen


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