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Ask jen! Pendulum and three-card reading

This is not a consultation. This is a space where you can ask Jen ONE brief question that she can look into regarding your spell work or a brief question about what to do next. Jen will answer briefly within 48 hours with a small video. Please remember if you are a new client and we are not familiar with your case it is still best to see Jen on Zoom. Examples of questions are: What is going on right now in my relationship? What is my next step in spell work with you? How does X feel about me? What will happen between me and X in the near future?

Please make sure to write down the question as well as names of the people involved. At the end of the small video Jen will give recommendations of spell work and future directions.

send Jen a message here

Thanks for submitting! Jen will respond to your question within 48 hours!

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