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The valentine threesomes have been replaced with real combos. Using the combined power of our competent casters, a powerful combo will be cast for 11 days at maximum intensity! Experience the benefits of three spells in one for 11 days and see what happens!


Thirsty Trap

The purpose of this ritual is to increase the intimacy between you and your current partner, to reignite your love with an old flame, and to bring new love into your life. The ritual generates sensual waves around you and your chosen partner.


Lust Passion Pleasure


It creates a bond between you and your target. Every client in a love triangle situation should try this one because it will make Your person come closer to you and distance themselves from their partner! 


I Miss You, Need You, Want You! Three Way Morphic & Kinetic Energy!


It is a three-way morphic and strikes the target from three different angles: angle 1, angle 2, and angle 3. Angle 1: for your target to miss you and miss your presence; angle 2, for your target to need you and crave you physically and emotionally; angle 3, for your target to want you. This is a very powerful energetic product.


All Combos are cast together for 11 days

3 in 1 Crave: Thirsty Trap, Lust Passion Pleasure, I Miss you, Need You Want You

  • Number of days cast: 11

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: none 

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