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Extremely potent breakup for couples who fight and appear to break up, but continue to be together. Breakups can be a headache since one partner typically does everything to maintain the couple's relationship. This ultimately causes a great deal of toxic energy between them. In recent months, our clients have alternated between the Vine's enraged and the Bad Breakup Morphic and most have received very positive results. In this package, both will be included together. The success of a breakup depends very heavily on how resistant one partner is to the idea. The Petition to Malphas can be used to convince a resistant partner to leave the relationship. It is recommended to observe for three weeks or so and then repeat at your convenience. We recommend that you meet with Jen on Zoom to discuss movement and get a reading. Please note that the Zoom session is not included in this package. This combination provides you with four spells of high power at a reduced price. Casting is extended to 15 days for all spells in the foursome. This combination is recommended to all of our clients who have outstanding breakup work.


The spells in this foursome are:


Vine's Enraged Discord! Ultimate Breakup!


In Vine's enraged breakups, couples are engulfed in disappointment and their differences are highlighted. As they become more aware of the fact that they are not meant to be together, they will realize it is best to separate. This is an energetic cast, and it is recommended to repeat it at least three times over a period of two months. Nevertheless, movement can be observed in some cases as early as the first round. There are times when a repeat is not necessary, but every case is independent of the others. If you are trying to break up a couple that is not meant to be together, this is a must-try.


I Can’t Stand You! Break Up Energy on a Couple or Married Couple!


The purpose of this spell is to pinge the mind and body of a person to separate from the other. We are also using the help of our Morphic caster to increase negative energy vibrations. 

What this spell does is that it creates an aura of disgust and distance on both targets so that gradually they will not be able to stay in the same room without fighting. This spell will create a specific interaction between targets "whenever they get close to each other they fight and so it is best not to be in proximity or in the same room". This is a very powerful spell that can be used on married couples and on couples that live together so that they realize they need to break away.


Petition to Malphas for Divorce of a Couple


This is a very specific ritual and very elaborate one. It summons the assistance of Malphas to separate a couple. It is a petition done during a Demonic Mass. Malphas is usually summoned twice. Our High Priestess Erin is the caster in charge of this very delicate ritual and customize this petition to be a breakup also for non-married couples. 


Bad Breakup Morphic Intense!


Everybody working on breaking up two targets should give this casting a try! Bad Breakup Morphic uses Morphic reasonance to send shocking vibrations between two people. It is entirely a Morphic Intense cast! Some of our clients are used to Morphic casting and know that Morphic casts are energetic products that create build up of energy around a person. In the case of Morphic Breakup the negative energy will build between two people until they realize their relationship is no longer sustainable. This can be repeated as many times as needed for energy build up until results are reached.

4 in 1 Extreme Breakup Energy on a Couple!

  • Number of days cast: 15

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video:  none

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