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Everybody working on breaking up two targets should give this casting a try! Bad Breakup Morphic uses Morphic reasonance to send shocking vibrations between two people. It is entirely a Morphic Intense cast! Some of our clients are used to Morphic casting and know that Morphic casts are energetic products that create build up of energy around a person. In the case of Morphic Breakup the negative energy will build between two people until they realize their relationship is no longer sustainable. This can be repeated as many times as needed for energy build up until results are reached. It is cast for 11 nights by three morphic casters and does not follow any moon rules so it can be ordered any time of the month either during full moon or waning moon.




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Bad Breakup Morphic Intense!

  • A picture of EACH target

    Full names

    Dates of birth if you have 

    Their current location 

    Send everything to Erin soon. after ordering for quick processing.

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