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This is a very effective Demonic product to stimulate the senses of your beloved to come closer to you, spend time with you, make advances and propositions to you and wanting to be with you. It is cast for two weeks and has the ability to create spiritual energy that brings your lover closer to you. We have had incredible feedback from this one. We previously offered this one as "Custom Mass with Contact and Closeness" and some of our clients just liked the events following the casting of this wonderful spell. This spell has the ability to change your lover perspective so if he/she was ghosting you this is the product you migh want to consider. Also, if your target is resistant to your advances, this product might give him/her a new perspective of you and he/she might see you in a different way. Very very effective product! Yields no report and is cast for two weeks long. You are bound to feel it! 


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Come Closer to Me! See me more often! (Demonic)

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