This is a one month long Curse cast by our High Priestess Erin and her adepts. It is a true Satanic Product for those who are dealing with a particularly stubborn case that needs a boost in negative energy or simply needs a stronger curse. If it is cast on a couple it will attempt to create energy of hate, resentment, mistrust and misunderstandings that would drive them apart. Every situation is different but it's a very powerful Satanic Curse to place on a couple. If you are placing this on a person (and not a couple) a DUME spell will be added and included in this ritual to cause failure, problems, bad luck, enemies, loss of job, loss of health, loss of love. Best when cast during Waning Moon but can be cast any time of the month. You will have notes of the spell at the end. For faster service you may use our Paypal link located in the yellow box at the top of the products page.



    Your Targets Name HIS AND HERS

    Picture of both your Targets 

    Date of Births of Both if known

    Please send this information soon after you order at the email address appearing on your receipt 

    If you are ordering with Our Paypal Link remember to put the name of the spell and all the information above in the note space.