Symbolically, a snake skin curse gets attached to a couple and stay with them until one moves out of the house. It is a horrible curse of fighting, hating (war of the roses style) and misery to inflict to a couple until they part.. If you have never ordered any of the Divorce Packages you should talk to me or Diana before ordering this. Very powerful ritual that includes: Three Snake Jars, Three Breakup Plus (with vinegar jar), Three Dark Arts jars, and One Dog/Cat Fighting Jar. This is not a simple spell and it is cast for 18 weeks (so four and a half months) it destroys a couple slowly. If you are using this one to curse someone the snake attaches to them until their demise is accomplished, you can customize what you want to happen to them. 

During the four and 1/2 months casting you will receive three different reports on how the casting is proceeding. If you wish to add Asfoetida herb to make things nastier for your target you can also purchase that on our site now.


Snake Jars for Divorce,Breakup & Cursing (SOLD OUT)