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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be inside your partner's head? Would you like your boss to promote you? Are you hoping to get closer to a woman or man by whispering in their ear? Do you always struggle with your partner or your child because they do not follow your advice? Would you like your partner to give you something such as a ring or flowers, or to take you on a romantic trip or outing? Would you like to sell your property or have your client purchase something valuable from you? A telepathic command can be used to address all of these situations.


Akio, our very skilled caster, will perform a 21-day telepathy session on your target. If you have multiple commands on a target, we recommend working on two commands at a time and escalating your commands with successive castings. 


Here is how it works and what the conditions are:


The order must only be placed on ONE target, and the order must only consist of TWO commands


Choose two commands that are reasonable and achievable, and then work your way up. For example, if your target is just a friend, you should first have a closer relationship with him or her before you use the command "Marry me" or "Commit to me". If in doubt, please contact Erin. The two commands should be listed on the order form or notified to Erin.


Examples of commands:


Target: The boss.


Give me a promotion

Transfer me to a better department

Give me a raise

Prefer me over others

Make me your right hand man/woman


Target: Women.


Love me more than any other man in your life

Get close to me get intimate with me (if you are asking for sexual relations, you may need to repeat this every 21 days until results are reached)

Agree with me

Listen to me and only me

Make me your only man

Move in with me

Marry me

Reconcile with me (if this is for reconciliation and you are not in speaking terms you must be in no contact for LESS than 6 months)

Reconnect with me (if this is for reconnection and you are not in speaking terms you must be in no contact for LESS than 6 months)


Target: Men. 


Love me more than any woman in your life

Make me your priority 

Commit to me

See me more often

Text me or call me more often 

Get closer to me

Make me your number one woman

Give me gifts (rings, roses, gifting in general)

Take me out more often, take me out, take me on trips with you, introduce me to your family, friends etc


Target: Child/Teenager


Listen to me

Agree with me

Clean your room and do your chores 

Stay away from the wrong crowds 

Customizable to your situation


Target: Client (must be a specific client and not general clients)


Buy from me 

Buy my services and my property.

Sign a contract with me

Agree to my terms. 

Customizable to one person and one situation

Telepathic Message of Love, Obsession,Promotion By Akio! Make Them Do Your Will!

  • Number of days cast: 21

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video:  none in general but if it's not successful Akio will send notes.

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