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This is a completely new class of product. This spell belongs to the family of vampire spells. An authentic vampire spell, this one! In the past, we have performed vampiric spells and clients were thrilled with the results. This is a true vampire spell (not a vampiric spell). The difference between vampires and vampirics is similar to that between a brand medicine and a generic version. With the vampiric, you do not summon directly, but with the vampire you summon directly, and you charge the vampire entity, in this case the Chupacabra, to attack your intended couple spiritually. In Latin America, the Chupacabra is a mythological figure known for attacking animals and live stock and draining their blood.Symbolically, this spell drains the blood from that relationship, leaving the couple exhausted by one another. It also drains love from one another. It drains lust, so they will no longer wish to become intimate with each other. Additionally, it will drain the finances of the marriage, which is most likely to result in a divorce in a marriage. Beware of this horrendous curse. There is also a DUME candle involved in this curse. This curse works well on resistant couples. It is cast on a coven of 9 for 27 days and yields a DUME reference candle report and picture between the 27th day and the 45th day. The curse is very powerful, but we advise that it be repeated after the last day of casting until real movement is observed.

The Curse of the Chupacabra on a Couple: Vampire Spell by Akio

  • Number of days cast: 27

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video:  DUME reference candle with report and picture

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