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This is an evil Goblin curse. You would not want to wish this upon your worst enemy! A goblin is sent to your enemy and it will stay with them causing terrible misfortune, problems, and bad luck. They will be haunted by the goblin, who will expose their lies and everything they have been doing. The goblin will make them victims of relentless gossip, malice, nightmares and anxiety. If the target is a male, it can be customized to render him impotent. In the case of a female target, we can customize the goblin curse to affect her private parts as well. This is a very powerful curse! It is not to be trifled with! This may need to be repeated until desired results are reached. The curse can only be directed at one individual and not at a couple or more than one individual. Please refer to the Destroy them or Bones of Anger for couples or multiples.



The Goblin Curse of Misfortune By Erin!

$240.00 Regular Price
$190.00Sale Price
  • Number of days cast: 21

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: pictures of Jen's work. Nothing from the temple. Some movement should be seen during first round.

    If we do not receive this form we will not be able to process your order.

    Process: step 1. Fill out all the requirements step 2. upload your pictures in the order form or send pictures to Erin step 3. Erin will prepare your order step 4. your order will be sent to scheduling 24 to 72 hours after being prepared step 5. check your spam folder step 6. receive your notification of the dates of the spell step 7. receive your one-time notification of your order being cast. Warning ⚠️ Not sending pictures or info will result in scheduling delays!!

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