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This is a 30 days intense casting (coven and hoodoo altar). It involves multiple experienced practitioners at different stages of this long casting. It involves Diana and Greyson for the Hoodoo part, Erin for the Demonic Temple part, Jen for the protection of the seeker (the one requesting the spell from us) and Soraya, Satanic independent practitioner. This spell pairs really well with the Leave Her For Me Spell and together (or one after the other) they create unimaginable power! This instills in your target the actual desire to leave the person he is with! And it makes this person wanting to leave. There is this "Leaving Energy" that is left upon your target. Our new Breakup Spells work differently than regular breakup because they attach to one partner specifically to create resentment and the desire to not even want to be in the same room with their partner! This is very powerful and you get photos of the remains at the end. 

Not to play with really and very very specific ! 



THIS IS AN ATTEMPT! RESULTS VARY DEPENDING ON SITUATIONS It is always a good idea to get a consult with Jen after this spell has been cast. 

This is very specific energy and requires exact name, last names and dobs of all involved and clear separate pictures of all. 

Walking Away Giving you My Back Breakup Spell!

  • Please send everthing to soon after you order!

    Your Full Name 

    Date of Birth 

    Picture of you alone no sunglasses on

    Your Target's full name 

    date of birth 

    Picture of him/her alone no sunglasses on

    Your Target's partner NAME (full name)

    picture of the partner alone no sunglasses on

    date of birth of partner ONLY if you have and are sure 


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